A New Home at

You may have noticed some changes at Stake7 recently. Some of our loyal customers haven’t been able to play their favourite games for over a week now! We’re sorry for the way you’ve been treated and we wish we’d had some power or control to handle things differently. Unfortunately, that was not the case and we were powerless in the decisions that were taken over the last few weeks.

But as one door shuts a new door opens. We now have lots more new game providers as well as some of your old favourites. We’ll be adding NEW GAMES constantly and some “Timeless Classics” are on their way back home to Stake7 very soon.


Along with the new home come many improvements, faster payments, better and wider ranging player bonuses than we could ever do before. We’ll have more bonuses, including free spins, stacked bonuses, prize draws, no deposit bonuses and more regular special event bonuses.

With more games available than previously including exciting new brands to try and a faster and better website we think you’re going to love your new home at Stake7.

Thanks for staying with Stake7. We promise to continue offering the same award-winning customer service, great attention to detail, quick responses and always with the Stake7 customer at the heart of what we do –

Thank You!

-The Team

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