1. How do I know that the casino games are fair?

    We only offer casino games from large, well recognized and trusted casino software providers. All providers are certified, which means they have been methodically and scientifically tested by e.g. Technical Systems Testing (TST) - one of the world's most experienced and trusted gaming test labs, and part of the  Gaming Laboratorites International (GLI) group, or by eCOGRA, a London-based internationally accredited testing agency and player protection and standards organisation that provides an international framework for best operational practice requirements, with particular emphasis on fair and responsible gambling.


    At stake7, you can be 100% confident that the Random Number Generator (RNG) that returns the outcome of a casino game round is completely random and unbiased, no matter which game you play. We would never offer games or brands that do not come with trusted certifications.

  2. Where can I find detailed instructions on how to play a game?

    'Game Rules' for each game can be found when you open the game.

  3. What are the average payouts for the website?

    The theoretical payout vary from game to game, and is hard-coded into the game logic by the games' providers.

  4. Can I try the games for free?

    Yes, you can play the majority of games for free if you chose the ‘Play for Fun‘ mode.

  5. Can I remove a bet after  placing it on the table?

    Yes, before the game round has started it is possible to change or remove a bet.

  6. What happens when I lose connection during a game round?

    The game is stored on the game server whether or not you are connected, so you actually cannot under any circumstances lose money due to any kind of disruption or disconnection. Simply log in and open the same game(s) you played when you are connected again, and continue where you left off. Whether you wait 5 minutes or 5 months, any game round will be waiting for you to complete it!

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